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What is Design-Build?

Experience the Ease of Design-Build!


Design-Build, or DB, is a method of project delivery in which the Design-Build team works with the project owner to provide comprehensive design and construction services.

Design-Build is an alternative to Design-Bid-Build. Rather than the client managing multiple contracts with multiple entities, all conducting separate work on the project, a Design-Build contract gives the client only one contact to manage. Design-Build offers numerous advantages to the client.

There are numerous advantages of the Design-Build process, some of which include:

• Singular Responsibility. DB ensures that a single company manages both design and construction. There is a single point of contact, ensuring responsibility for quality, cost, and adherence to the construction schedule.

• Quality. The Design Builder maintains total responsibility for the completed project, and is unable to shift responsibility for mistakes, defects, or oversights to another party. DB motivates attention to detail and quality throughout the design and construction process.

• Cost Savings. By combining design and construction personnel, the DB team – including designers, contractors, and vendors – works together to accurately evaluate alternative designs, materials and methods. The DB team utilizes value engineering and constructability throughout the entire design and construction process, thereby delivering a superior product.

• Time Savings. DB eliminates bidding periods and redesign, while overlapping design and construction phases. This significantly reduces total design and construction time and limits associated risk to the owner, especially in “fast track” construction situations.

• Reduced Administrative Burden. DB frees the project owner from coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts as well as resolving any budget or scheduling conflicts.

• Early Knowledge of Firm Costs. DB offers the owner early knowledge of construction costs, affording him/her multiple “go, no-go” decision points during the design phase. In this way, a project can proceed with firm knowledge of final cost and scope.

Click here to download our Design-Build Fact Sheet. We look forward to working with you, and encourage you to contact us to discuss your project with one of our Design-Build team members.