Trusted Since 1927

Established in 1927 in Alexandria, Ratcliff Construction is now the leading construction company in Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast Region. Now, as part of the Ratcliff family of companies, Ratcliff Construction delivers exceptional construction services throughout Louisiana, Texas, and the Southeast by upholding the values the company has had in place for generations.

At Ratcliff Construction, we forge strong, lasting relationships with our clients, treating them like family. We believe this collaborative approach is what truly makes us stand out. Our dedicated team of professionals is eager to discuss your project and demonstrate the Ratcliff difference.

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Experience the Ratcliff Construction Integrated Advantage

Choose Ratcliff Construction for unparalleled value and efficiency through our integrated advantage. As part of a family of companies, we’re uniquely positioned to help your business through every phase of your facility’s lifespan. With services ranging from project feasibility assessments and real estate development to disaster recovery, Ratcliff is here to ensure your needs are met, and your expectations exceeded.

Our dedicated leadership team at Ratcliff Construction is committed to delivering exceptional quality and forming lasting relationships. 

Our Integrated Advantage
Unified Team
Our one-team approach reduces administrative time and cost and improves communication between the design and construction teams. From feasibility to the sale of the facility, a single point of contact will cater to your needs.
Maximized Savings
By consolidating planning, design, construction, management, and sales functions, Ratcliff Companies significantly reduces administrative costs. Our skilled engineers also implement sustainable and time-saving construction practices to minimize project expenses.
Optimized Efficiency
Ratcliff’s integrated services let you focus on your core business, eliminating the need to juggle multiple contracts. With clear, timely communication and efficient phase transitions, we pride ourselves on completing projects ahead of schedule.
Reduced Risk
Our meticulous team thoroughly examines every project detail with safety as our top priority. As your sole service provider, Ratcliff Companies minimizes risk by taking full responsibility for any design or construction shortcomings.
Expedited Timelines
Ratcliff’s one-stop solution accelerates project timelines by eliminating the need for bid proposals and redesigns. Our integrated advantage ensures your project is completed swiftly, with unmatched attention to detail.


Ratcliff Construction is proud to serve companies across Louisiana with superior construction quality. Over our extensive years of service, we’ve built a great portfolio and lasting relationships with clients and trade partners.

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With nearly 100 years of service, Ratcliff Construction’s diverse portfolio and experience are unbeatable. Learn more about our integrated advantage and what our team can do for you when you call today to start your project.

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