Nestle Waters DMC Plant Essence Storage Room and Line 8

Owner: Nestle Waters North America

Architect: SMRT, Inc.

Project Location:   4718 Mountain Creek Pkwy., Dallas, TX  75236

 The Nestle Waters DMC Line 8 project consisted of five separate projects taking place at the same time on an accelerated schedule while the facility remained fully operational. 4,400 SF of interior slab was saw cut and removed, additional spoils removed, new plumbing installed, and 12” concrete slab poured back to receive owners Line 8 production equipment. Epoxy flooring, Diamondhard sealer, overhead structural steel supports, additional fire sprinklers, new HVAC system were installed in the same area. The new chemical storage room featuring a 2,400 CF containment pit, 14” slab, epoxy floors, pop-up spill barriers, two tier push back pallet storage racks, and all new blast proof lights, fire suppression system, HVAC system, leak detection system, doors and hardware were installed as well. Additionally 2,400 SF of interior slab was removed for new plumbing and a thickened slab for new injector equipment. Two HFCS Silo foundations were installed on the East side of the facility consisting of (8) 2’-4” diameter piers 60’ deep, a 3’ thick 32’x16’ footing, and 1’ thick slab on top. Minor exterior paving, equipment pads, and light pole replacement was also done. Two additional Resin Silos were added to our contract featuring the same design on the North side of the facility. While construction was taking place, numerous leaks in the facilities vast drain lines were discovered. Ratcliff was charged with locating all breaks and making repairs while not disrupting the 24 hour facility operations.