Owner: Frisco I.S.D.

Architect: SHW Group, Inc.

The project is located on 8.5 acres in McKinney, TX comprised of underground storm, sewer and water piping, 309 geothermal bore holes and over 155,000 SF of concrete paving and sidewalks.  This 88,000 SF 1-story building includes 316 piers; insulated concrete formed exterior walls, structural steel, steel joists and roof decking.  Exterior elevations will be comprised of brick, cast stone and aluminum storefronts with tinted insulated glazing.  The school will have a large library/multi-purpose room, an art room, several administration offices, gymnasium, cafeteria/kitchen and K thru 5th grade classrooms.  Decorative interior finishes include porcelain tile, carpet, vinyl flooring, terrazzo and acoustical wall panel coverings.  The site finishes will include (1) one new elementary playground facility as well as an outdoor basketball court with (4) four goals, perimeter black vinyl coated chain link fence and a marquee sign at the main front entrance.


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