Integrated Advantage

Many of our in-house specialists and management team have worked in a variety of positions across the company service lines, from carpentry to cost estimating to project management. We understand the entire process of developing commercial projects, allowing us to provide value-added savings throughout your entire financing, design, and building process. In addition, the long history we have had developing commercial properties throughout the Gulf South region, and the relationships we have built from that history, allow our clients to realize better cost savings, quality materials and the surety of our vendors and subcontracting teams. The broad range of services Ratcliff offers, from project feasibility to design, from construction to post-build buy-out as well as the benefit of our contacts and relationships all contribute to one integrated advantage that differentiates us from our competitors. 

Advantage 1 – One Team:

Working with Ratcliff means that a single company manages the entire property development process, from planning to project close-out. There is a single point of contact, ensuring responsibility for quality, cost, and adherence to the schedule. The advantage of working with one team also includes reduced administrative time and cost for the entire project, and improved communication between the design and construction team. In the case of turnkey development, Ratcliff provides the advantage of development oversight from financing through construction, all the way to final leasing/sale of the property. With almost 100 years of experience in the construction industry, we have built an exceptional team with an impeccable reputation for quality, consistency and excellent customer service.

Advantage 2 – Savings:

Ratcliff helps our clients realize both time and cost savings by bringing together planning, design, construction, management and sales/leasing personnel into a single team that works together to accurately evaluate your project from the ground up. The Ratcliff team considers value engineering and construction feasibility throughout the entire planning, design and building process, thereby delivering a superior product, within a faster time frame. We think critically about every aspect of the project, determining the most time-efficient and cost-effective means to reach your desired project goals.

Advantage 3 – Efficiency:

By offering comprehensive property development services, Ratcliff frees the project owner/manager from coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts. We offer a single point of contact for the entire project – from planning through project close-out – and pride ourselves in efficient transitions between the various phases of the project. We also work to increase our efficiency through clear, timely communication with each client and/or vendor throughout the duration of the project. This ensures that any scheduling or budget conflicts are resolved quickly and effortlessly, streamlining the property development process and giving you peace of mind.

Advantage 4 – Lower Risk:

As the single service provider, Ratcliff reduces risk for the owner by remaining accountable for any deficiencies in design or construction. We are confident in the services we offer our clients, and stand behind our work. Partnering with Ratcliff means that you can rest assured your project will be carefully reviewed at every phase of construction, and that, should any problem arise, it will be dealt with promptly and courteously. At Ratcliff, we reduce risk for the client by ensuring every service we provide is conducted with attention to detail, always putting safety first. As testament to our commitment to safety and professionalism, we maintain an excellent on-the-job safety record and a long list of client testimonials.

Advantage 5 – Time:

Working with Ratcliff can significantly reduce your total design and construction time. We effectively eliminate bidding periods and redesign. By overlapping design and construction phases, we reduce the overall time required to bring your project from concept to completion. Ratcliff’s service offerings range from project financing to planning, design, construction, project management, and sales/leasing. We are a one-stop shop, saving you valuable time by bringing together the right team to meet all of your property development needs. When time is of the essence, Ratcliff is your choice for property development services.