About Ratcliff Companies

From conception to site selection, construction to completion, Ratcliff Companies works with clients to provide customized, turnkey property development services. The biggest benefit we offer our clients is our people – from the people who come to work for a family company and are treated like family members to the vendors who appreciate the integrity with how we conduct our business relationships. Our reputation is based upon our people and is built into every facility that we design, construct or finance. Our clients have come to know our people and our reputation – it’s what has made them come back with their business, year after year, for over 85 years.

Our Portfolio:

Our portfolio is diverse and ranges from healthcare facilities and commercial office buildings to single tenant retail projects. Click on any of the links below to see examples of our work:


Our Philosophy:

For almost a century, the Ratcliff name has been associated with quality construction, honest business practices and long lasting relationships.
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As our company has grown our values have remained constant. This has allowed us to grow into a multi-million dollar business with three generations of Ratcliff leadership, dedicated to upholding the Ratcliff name and the philosophy by which we stand.


Safety is a very important priority at Ratcliff Companies and is implemented through a variety of channels.
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A third party, independent safety inspector is on retainer to randomly and independently review safety procedures on every job site throughout the life of each project. In addition, weekly safety meetings are held with the workers on the jobsite to focus on the tasks for the upcoming week and review the safety rules that will be applicable to each. Finally, the Project Superintendent is responsible for safety on the project and each morning makes a formal inspection, the report of which is recorded daily. All of Ratcliff’s superintendents have been through the OSHA 30 certification training.


As the national construction industry continues to develop processes and incentives for implementing sustainable alternatives to reduce waste, lessen emissions and reduce unnecessary expense, Ratcliff Companies promises to uphold a commitment to better serve our environment through two primary venues.
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First, we will work with and comply with any project owner’s specific desire to achieve LEED accreditation. Secondly, we are in the process of implementing our own green procedures and may suggest environmental-friendly materials and construction solutions that may be financially beneficial to a business in the long run, even without the request of the client. We have completed several “green projects” and are currently constructing our first project that will seek LEED gold certification.

Quality Management:

The foundation of our company philosophy rests on our ability to provide great quality construction to our clients at a very competitive price. Our reputation for honest business practices and delivery of a great quality project is what drives our long relationships with both vendors and business owners.
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We have invested a lot of time and effort in developing the necessary procedures and checks to be able to maintain our high standards of quality, across materials, products and service. And with a single point of contact for each job, our clients always have a project manager who is accountable for delivering the high level of quality upon which our reputation stands.